Yogi Rohan comes from a lineage of Light Beings that have appeared on this planet in order to harmonize the planet to Universal Oneness.
Trained in India under the yogis and mystics, Rohan combines his knowledge of ancient yoga and modern day electrical, acoustic and electromagnetic wave engineering. Rohan received his qualifications both in yoga from The Yoga Institute in India as well as Masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX where he published several research papers with MIT, NSA and UC- Berkeley mentor-ship. 
For past several years yogi Rohan has been helping several people achieve their highest spiritual and material potential by using vibrational and Quantum healing that has roots both in ancient science as well as modern technology. Rohan has conducted several personally designed Sound-baths that have helped hundreds of people to get in higher states of meditation.
The founder of The Yoga of Sound® and the author of The 3rd Vibration, yogi Rohan is the creator of a Bio-technology app company that promotes wellness using  sound and other vibrational techniques.




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