Quantum Healing Based Corporate Solutions.


Quantum Mind Development
What good is your 6th sense if you don’t learn to use it?

Executive Tuning & Rebalancing Introduction

Our Executive Tuning and Rebalancing” packages the full spectrum of ancient philosophies and practices, that have been well researched, studied & advanced by cutting edge biophysical & neurological modern scientists at the world’s leading research universities. By studying the mental & physical effects from life paths like yoga, buddhism, tai chi, mindfulness, and more we have developed one of the most advanced systems for increasing human performance, satisfaction, and general sense of wellbeing. 

Our clientele resoundingly report that beyond just more success in workplace and home life, that feel far more alive and in control of their situations. We use a fusion of physiology, psychology, quantum experience, and the ancient paths designed for rulers who had to be at their absolute best to keep power. Adapted for modern life and improved by big data and deep metrics we help people release old blockages, better envision future innovation & integration, and fully understand the motivations & connections that ultimately drive most 

After working for years in the personal healing and development market we found the same thing that most psychologists find very disheartening, most people with problems don’t want to change them. Period. They come weekly and pay huge sums to be consoled, to prove to their spouse they are “trying”, or just to retail about the pain they actually revel in. Very few actually want to change. But we noticed something else. Those who came because they felt certain habits, understandings, or attributes hurt their work performance, or simply limited their ability to achieve, succeed, and excel… they immediately showed a working understanding of our process. They came back the second meeting with use cases and looking to improve even more. Eventually we had to wonder why…

What we found surprised us. Those who we felt would be least likely to even try quantum development, we’re are biggest promoters. High level corporate executives wanted to meet twice a week. At first we felt this was the burn-out phase taking a different path than Burning-Man and a new low stress job mixed with rekindled dreams of being an artist. Months into working with us many had mentioned taking up photography or painting again. Something they hadn’t done since college. But as we searched for a reason it wasn’t that they wanted to make a living off of it. They just simply had more free time but were the type of person who preferred to concentrate and produce something versus watch more TV or socialize… finally we knew who we could help most.

The reason it was hard for us to diagnosis was that usually these people had shorter sessions. They left early or showed up late. But they had prepared, done their required reading and self exploration each week. Many scheduled 2 sessions a week even if they were only showing up for half of it. We were mind boggled ourselves. But the real difference was they wanted results 

Executives become so because of their personality. They continually look to improve. They want to always get better at everything they do. They like competition. They love to succeed. They are willing to put in the work to do it. They understand longterm investment equals reward. And most importantly they show up to succeed.

Modifying behavior takes self control. Learning complex advanced thought processing is not an easy task. It’s something people have to want to do. It’s not how much time they spend with us, it’s how much they want to succeed. And how much time they’ve already put in the rest of their life working to advance themselves.

To succeed with us you simply have to be willing to let go of the thought patterns that no longer serve you. And implement the new ones that do. We organize the world’s greatest thinker’s discoveries about life, success, and satisfaction into experiential learning moments, so you can get the point as fast as your capable, immediately implement the practice, and get back to the business of you.

- Baseline Introduction Training Series -

Pricing & Conditions:
$3500 per Individual ($695 per 90 minute session after completion)
$2500 per Executive Teams Over 3 ($595 per 90 minute session)
8 sessions must be completed in 5 weeks.
1 Cancellation with 24hrs notice Included per Person.
After that Rescheduling Fee is $295.

Service Breakdown:
8 Sessions (average 60-90minutes per)
Two Sessions Per Week
All session include a mixture of sound experience, meditative states, conversational talk, assigned reading & process practice.

1st - Exploration, Discovery, & Introspection. (60-90min student dependent)
Exploration - We first introduce a bit about our methodology, the root sources of the practices, the scientific reasoning, and who we are.
Discovery - We lightly probe the natural defenses and limiters in the student.

2nd - Reflection, Connection, & Specification (70-120min)
“I am not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am.”
reflection: The most important thing we can learn about you, is how you view you. But we wait until the second session to make sure we know you well enough to know which are masks you assume, false deceptions of self, or projections of what you want to be but have not fully embodied.
connection: together we explore the reasoning and purpose behind these images of self both false and true. Those that do not serve are marked for deletion or replacement. Those that are not fully true we find the missing points between where you are and who you want to be.
Specification: Now that trust has been built and walls broken down, we can find out what one truly wants or desires. What is limiting you from that which will make you truly come alive and conscious in every moment.

3rd - Creation, Adaption, & Rebuttal (60-180min)
“If the eyes are the window to the soul is it possible that you are looking through them the wrong way? For that would definitely explain the artist to the archer.”
Creation: Based on notes from earlier conversations you will be given a specific project to work on with your thought leader. The most intimate thing about someone is how they create, think, and love. Only one of these is physically observable for our purposes.
Adaption: We talk about what short-cuts and conventions you have developed, like crutches, that were maybe once needed but can be progressed upon. Then deliver some new aids that allow you to immediately adapt your behavior but not faulted in your current responsibilities. These aids are easy to drop off as comfort level grows because you knowingly chose to implement them.
Rebuttal: The student now levies their gripes, disagreements, and whatever they feel hasn’t worked for them. And depending on their current workload and ultimate goals either reframe their perspective or offer a gap-bridge for the time being.

{Students who wish to carry on past here are required to sign an NDA.}

4th - Dive Deep, Breath, & Experience
“It is in those moments of awe that our desire to be human is reawaken.”
NDA Required for this Step

5th - Center, Root, & Grow
“It is only when the teacher becomes the new master, on a mountain so much higher, that a true teacher and master feels he may have succeeded.”
This session is almost completely lead by the student. And many times includes co-workers, bosses, spouses, or other outsiders. 
NDA Required for this Step

6th - Silence
“Only in silence can you hear the truth.”
NDA Required for this Step

7th - Ascension: The Final Union of All (aka ‘Yoga’)
“To learn that you are nothing. Just a spot of cosmic dust in the wind. Is the only way to understand what it means to be everything.”
NDA Required for this Step

8th - Divinity: The Gospel of Quantum Bi-Lateralibertarianism
It is time to finally learn the secret to the universe. The same secret everyone from the Illuminati to the Ancient Aliens have been trying to hide from the world’s people since The Breaking of Atlantis. It’s time to live fully aware, and conscious. Time to be fully alive in the most advanced realms of the human experience. Proven to exist here and now, by the world’s leading quantum physicists’ work with particle accelerators. Available to anyone on this planet willing to seize their divine right. And able to pass the final tests administered by their hardest critic, themselves… Whether you call it heaven or perfection or beautiful chaos, this world is what you make it. You definitely know that or you wouldn’t be reading this.
Experience Overview:
NDA Required for this Step

Closing Statements:
Very few students actually progress this fast. The schedule was based on the fastest student we’ve ever had, and a few who came close to the record, so you know what’s possible. We’ve found the executive branch loves to compete. Wants to know what the best possible results are. And are willing to work towards attaining those results themselves. But not everyone can be the CEO of the company…